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Our first big hiatus

Posted in general on August 5th, 2010 by admin

Sorry to have teased you with the teaser for MFTB139, because it won’t be coming until September 5th.

More than a few podcasts take long breaks in the summer to start out fresh in the fall – I tend to think it’s a habit developed by tv seasons past in North America – but I never thought it was necessary. But as more description and voiceover work has landed at my desk with a happy thud, I’ve decided the time is now.

Some pretty great stuff is taking me away from MFTB for a few weeks. On the description side, there’s a powerful documentary for the CBC and ten films of varying lengths and subjects from the terrific folks at the DCMP. It also looks like another tv series is on the horizon, after I finished a pretty interesting cooking show. In addition, I’ve been working on an ongoing basis with a great company in South Korea providing voiceover for teaching materials for an English as a Second Language program. Add it all up, and it’s a pretty crazy August.

MFTB will not be at a total standstill, though. I’ll continue making video clips of past movies and posting them to the MFTB Facebook page (which may hopefully lead to more video elsewhere, but I won’t get ahead of myself). I’ll also be there posting the odd piece of news from the world of audio description. The same will likely happen on something that’s been going on for a while but has seldom been mentioned here: the MFTB Twitter account, @movies4theblind. And there are always past episodes you may have missed, all waiting for you here and on Internet Archive. Speaking of IA, if you run across a film we haven’t had, which is in the public domain (it will usually have a Creative Commons designation saying so), and you’d like it described, link it in the comments here, on the wall of the FB page or to @movies4theblind on Twitter. I’ll see what I can do.

If you’d like to learn more about the technique used to create MFTB, audio description, there’s a very good review available now of a great event I was not able to attend last month, the 2010 Audio Description Project Conference presented by the American Council of the Blind. The page gives a great rundown of what was discussed: from description techniques to legislation for more available description to how far description has progressed (or not progressed) in countries all over the world. There’s even audio of some of the presentations and Power Point for those so inclined. For a brief but big picture of audio description today, it’s well worth checking out.

Thanks, everybody, for your understanding and your amazing support. Enjoy the rest of your summer (or for the Aussies, winter), and meet you back here in September!

Episode 138 – The Desert Trail part 2

Posted in action, western on August 3rd, 2010 by admin

In Poker City under assumed names, John (John Wayne) and Kansas (Eddy Chandler) have a new girl to fight over: the pretty sister of one of the men who set them up on the robbery and murder charges. Conclusion.

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