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Episode 136 – Big Fella part 2

As Joe (Paul Robeson) considers when to return Gerald, Spike may force his hand and cheat everyone out of the money.

(If it’s before midnight July 21st Toronto time, leave a comment here about which movie cowboy is featured next week: John Wayne or Roy Rogers! You can also post your vote at the MFTB Facebook page!)

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One Response to “Episode 136 – Big Fella part 2”

  1. Boomer Bob Says:

    I would like to vote for Leonard Franklin Slye (a.k.a. Roy Rogers) since his Victorville Museum, and all of its contents, were sold recently.

    The owner of RFD-TV has purchased the stuffed Trigger, stuffed Bullet (thank goodness no Roy or Dale), and the wonderful old jeep Marybelle. When I was a kid I thought of my bike as ‘the illegitimate Son of Marybelle’ because it was a beat up old second one that I loved!

    Anyway thanks for all you do and save a Timbits for me when I get back up to Toronto to see some ‘real’ hockey. (I love the city and there is nothing to beat it except maybe the ‘Geezerville’ or ‘Pocket City’ Victoria, BC in the deep winter).


    PS – Also why not feature some Canadians cowboys and heroes…Stars like Lorne Greene, Raymond Burr, and William Shatner come to mind as real stars from the North. Also do you think Red Green (Steve Smith) was happy to learn that to fix an iPhone4 the handyman’s secret weapon, duct tape, was recommended?

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