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Episode 139 – The Man Who Cheated Himself part 1

A police detective (Lee J. Cobb) covers things up when his lover (Jane Wyatt) kills her husband, but is then assigned to the case with his new partner: his own little brother (John Dall). 1950. Part 1 of 2.

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2 Responses to “Episode 139 – The Man Who Cheated Himself part 1”

  1. Dan Amin Says:

    I really appreciate your podcast so much! Could you possibly post a link to an explanation of the process of creating audio description for video or maybe even make a little podcast about it?

    Anyway… THANK YOU!!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, Dan! I did a brief rundown of the priorities of my style of audio description and the writing process at Podcasters Across Borders in 2008, the text of which can be found here: http://moviesfortheblind.com/?page_id=45 and the audio of which can be found here: http://moviesfortheblind.com/?page_id=45

    For a way longer presentation (about a half hour with Q&A afterward) I did at the most recent edition of Podcamp Toronto, go to blip.tv here: http://blip.tv/file/3390985

    That presentation, such as it was with the tech glitches and my dependence of my script :-) was about audio description, the writing and technical production process and how the priorities of description relate to audio podcasting in general, especially “soundseeing tours”. If you can live with the messy sound and my talking too fast, you should get a lot of questions answered…including questions you never had.

    Actually, I didn’t know that video had been archived until I decided to search for it to help to reply to your comment, so thanks for that too! I’ll get a permanent link to it in the blog soon.

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