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Episode 128 – Melody For Three part 2

When someone threatens Mary’s reunion with John, Doctor Christian (Jean Hersholt) gambles on a trip to Chicago and an audition no one will forget.

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One Response to “Episode 128 – Melody For Three part 2”

  1. Dean Masters Says:

    I have downloaded all episodes through episode 128 but had not listened to any until recently. I started listening to episode 121. All episodes from 121 to 128 do not contain a complete episode because the audio starts repeating at some time in the file. Episodes 127 and 128 are best but about fifteen minutes in it starts repeating from the introduction. It is a shame for all the description work to go to waste with all these episodes that cannot be listened to in their entirety. Most of these episodes only play a few minutes before starting all over. I don’t know what the problem is but do wish you could fix it. I have been downloading each episode rather than using a podcaster.

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