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Episode 205 – The Dentist

In this short, W.C. Fields has the title role as an irascible man dealing with a freakish golf game, strange patients and a daughter who wants to run off with the iceman. 1932.

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3 Responses to “Episode 205 – The Dentist”

  1. Keith Says:

    Love WC Fields. Certainly one of the most all time, recognizeable icons in the entertainment industry.

    And you always do a wonderful job of describing the action in the videos. I hope you never run out of classic movies to tell me about.

  2. Geoff Eden Says:

    My submitted comment didn’t work the first time, so here goes again. Valerie, always a pleasure to stop here. Frankly, I’ve never paid too much attention to shorts. You’ve opened a new door for me. Your new microphone suits the audio spectrum of your material much better, and of course, your treatment is always wonderful. Hope all is well for you. Sincere regards Geoff

  3. admin Says:

    Hey, Geoff! Great to hear from you! Miss you guys from the NBRS days (you know which ones..heh). Not sure about a new mic – could be I switched recorders when a switch broke on my usual. Thanks as always for the support. And thank you too, Keith!

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