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Episode 236 – Woman In the Shadows part 2

As John and Louise are helped by friends, Robson does anything he can to get Louise back and make sure John is convicted for manslaughter. Part 2 of 2.

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One Response to “Episode 236 – Woman In the Shadows part 2”

  1. BF Goodwill Says:

    Ralph Bellamy lost the girl (Rosalind Russell to Cary Grant in 1940’s His Girl Friday, a sparkling but ostensibly dark screwball comedy and remake of 1931’s The Front Page, which starred Adolphe Menjou in the Grant role and Pat O’Brien in the Russell role. In HGF, Grant’s character describes Bellamy’s character [Bruce Baldwin] by saying “He looks like that fellow in the movies, you know…Ralph Bellamy!” According to Bellamy, the remark was ad libbed by Grant. Interestingly, His Girl Friday is in the public domain and would be a scintillating addition to MFTB.

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