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Episode 47 – Whistle Stop part 1

When a woman (Ava Gardner) returns to her small hometown from Chicago, she winds up in the same love triangle she’d tried to escape in the first place – and inspires a deadly scheme. 1946 (Part 1 of 3)

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Ava Gardner @ Turner Classic Movies
Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield, North Carolina (Coincidentally, the annual Ava Gardner Film Festival happens there this week.)

2 Responses to “Episode 47 – Whistle Stop part 1”

  1. BF Goodwill Says:

    I assume that this 1946 film is in black-and-white, but the description does not indicate yea or nay – nor do the descriptions of later (e.g., 1960s) movies say whether they are in color. Whether color or B&W should probably be a basic part of the set-up description. Also, the narrator describes Mary as “a beautiful woman” when she gets off the train, but this doesn’t really tell us what this particular “beautiful woman” looks like – i.e., “beautiful” is a rather generic descriptor. Beautiful how? Is she blond? Brunette? Long-haired? Stylishly coiffed? Elegant? Minxy? Glamorous? Statuesque? Sweet? Small-boned? Does she have big eyes? A small nose? A classic profile? Just a few of these kinds of details help to refine the generic “beautiful” to a particularized description of how this specific woman is beautiful.

  2. Antony James Says:

    Does it matter?

    I would say using the word “beautiful” to describe a woman leaves it to the listener to portray their own vision of the character. A vision to suit their own personal tastes.

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