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Goodbye, Newsletter

A little over a year has passed since I started the Movies For the Blind Newsletter along with starting from Episode 001 again. It’s been fun to dig into more info about the movies and about other podcasts/radio shows/etc. related to them and audio description. And I also really appreciate the listeners who have signed on and have said nice things about what I’ve been doing. But I have to come to the conclusion that the demand for it has not been worth the time I’ve been putting into it, especially considering that other work has been taking up my schedule more than ever (which caused me to pause original podcast production at Episode 300 in the first place). So I’m stopping the MFTB Newsletter now and for the forseeable future, effective immediately. If you subscribe, you can un-subscribe, but nothing will be sent out to you regardless, unless I announce I’ll be starting up again – which I’m not planning to do anytime soon.

Again, thanks so much to the listeners who have supported the newsletter. You’ve been awesome! I’ll be more active on the Twitter account and probably the Facebook page (despite its limitations – make a point to specify getting notifications and posts in your news feed when you like, so you have a better chance of getting posts!). It’s possible I may have more associated posts like this on the blog; we’ll see how it goes. And who knows what else will come along in this wacky world of social media. Thanks everybody for listening!

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