Hi, my name is Valerie, and I'm mainly a voiceover artist, producer of described video and a podcaster.
This is where you can find out about all of that in one place.
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Voiceover Click here to go to my voiceover page at voxtalent.com
Starting with a 15-year radio career in Canada and the U.S., I've voiced hundreds of commericals and many other narration projects. I've done everything from sell snowmobiles to instruct new pharmaceutical employees how to get along, and have always had fun doing it. To find out more and hear my demo, check out my page for Vox Talent.

Described Video

Also known as Audio Description or Descriptive Video, this is a valuable service which helps people who are vision-impaired to enjoy film and television by mixing the original soundtrack with added narration describing important visual elements as they happen. Frankly, it's easier to demonstrate than to explain, so feel free to play my demo and an example of my educational work with the DCMP, all written and produced in my own home studio. I'm grateful to have spent 7 years at AudioVision (now AMI-TV) voicing and producing description on productions like The Cooler, American Psycho, "The Doodlebops," "Little Mosque On the Prairie" and both "Trudeau" miniseries. On my own, I've created description on more great tv projects ranging from "Artzooka!" to "The Right Hand" to "The Nature of Things". My service provides a streamlined non-tape process which allows for the most reasonable rates in the industry without sacrificing quality. Please contact me for more information.


Click here to go to the Movies For the Blind podcast

Movies For the Blind is another way to demonstrate my work in description and show that it isn't just for the vision-impaired: a weekly audio podcast of described public-domain movies you can listen to like an audiobook, anytime and anywhere. Since the first episode in October 2007, it's been a proud part of the Internet Archive as they provide "universal access to human knowledge". Listen to an episode here, and check out the described video channel on YouTube! Here's a sample...

Click here to go to the podcast Description: Valerie In Toronto

Description: Valerie In Toronto was a more personal project that went on from 2005 to 2010. It was an irregular, sometimes-profane primer on Toronto and Canadian culture by an immigrant from the United States. Soundseeing tours illuminated subjects that people living outside Canada may not know about, from Kraft Dinner to Canadian Tire, Rocket Richard to The Last Spike. Featured on CBC Radio's "Sounds Like Canada". Listen to an episode here!

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