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Episode 212 – The Lazarus Syndrome, part 2 (repeat)

While the evidence seems clear that Joe’s hospital roommate needs heart bypass surgery, Mac (Louis Gossett Jr.) can’t help but feel something doesn’t add up. Part 2 of 2. First posted May 8, 2012.

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Trailer for “Brian’s Song”
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Mac (Louis Gossett Jr. looks at Joe (Ronald Hunter) as he looks down into the operating theatre.

One Response to “Episode 212 – The Lazarus Syndrome, part 2 (repeat)”

  1. parviz Says:

    hi, so cool, just one thing sometimes you just kill the movie dialogues with the discription. so, i really think we need a short pause when there isn’t enough time to describe things. also quality of some movies are a little bit weak, but i think there is nothing you can do about that. anyway, thanks for the professional stuff! o just one more thing, if it’s possible try to produce a podcast at least once a week. thank you

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