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Episode 53 – White Zombie part 2

After raising Madeline from the dead, Legendre (Bela Lugosi) betrays Beaumont, while Neil goes in search of his bride with the help of Dr. Bruner and a witch doctor.

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5 Responses to “Episode 53 – White Zombie part 2”

  1. BF Goodwill Says:

    I left a comment on this episode and several others last week, but I don’t see them published on this site. Is this because the moderator hasn’t gotten around to vetting/accepting them or because the moderator has reviewed and rejected them? I hope it is the former case. Frank and constructive dialogue is the lifeblood of dynamic creativity. Besides, it’s not like thousands are rushing to this site to log in their contributions – more’s the pity. It is amazing to me how little response blind-related websites get – even blogs from the big sites like ACB, AFB, and NFB. Are blind people simply not using computers, not computer-literate, not participatory? This site and other blindness-related websites provide invaluable fora for lively and meaningful exchanges, and I encourage MFTB to post all comments and let the conversational chips fly where they may…

  2. admin Says:

    I received more than a half dozen comments from you in about one day, while I was on a long journey home from holiday, and the quantity of comments may have lessened any intended positive effect. I currently do not have the time nor energy to assemble the many thoughts these comments have inspired, but may at some point soon.

  3. BF Goodwill Says:

    I certainly did not intend to incur Admin’s apparent ire by my posting too many comments – rather, I had hoped to initiate/inspire dialogue among MFTB’s viewers on a number of audio-description issues, especially those dealing with basic description protocols and, more specifically, those dealing with sex/nudity, which have been and continue to be danced around by many in the audio-description industry. As someone who runs a couple of blindness-related websites, I am elated whenever anyone takes the time to post thoughtful comments – especially given the epidemic of apathy that seems to exist with respect to blindness-related sites.

  4. admin Says:

    It is not ire you have incurred, but exhaustion. It would seem there are ways all parties could do things differently. Your motivations have been more than clearly stated. Mine obviously have not been, considering what I have received, and I’ll state them when I can.

  5. BF Goodwill Says:

    Understood. I shall endeavor to pursue a more effective communication regime. BTW – I really enjoy Valerie’s audio-description. She infuses her narration with such personality, vivacity, and inflection – it it really adds to the listening experience.

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